Journeys of self discovery
Journeys of self discovery
Journeys of self discovery
Journeys of self discovery
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Unlearn, re-wild and remember who you are.

Flying Cloud workshops, retreats, online and in-person classes or one to one coaching sessions are journeys of self-discovery.

 We hold a space for you to explore body-mind, breath and voice so you can live a wholehearted life.

 About us

Our name and inspiration comes from The Flying Cloud – an 1850’s clipper ship. On her maiden voyage she hit a deadly storm. With no moon or stars to guide by, all lives on board were threatened. But by using ‘dead reckoning’, the navigator harnessed the terrifying power of nature and turned the crisis into a world record journey. The navigator? A young woman, Eleanor Creesy.  

For over a decade we have navigated our own Flying Cloud through the high seas of creating theatre, workshops and retreats.

We too chose to embrace life’s storms, to trust our inner compass and to work with mother nature.

Those who join us onboard experience for themselves what it feels like to hoist their sails and catch the winds and tides of inner transformation.

Journey with us

Eleven years delivering transformative training to organisations across the UK, USA, Middle East and Europe 

Step outside the status quo to be held in an inspiring space and re-member yourself, through body, breath and earth.

Regular classes in movement, meditation, yoga and creative expression, offered in York, UK and Turin, Italy and online

An encouraging, private space for you to explore any aspects of body, mind and voice that you are ready to set free

“This has opened my eyes and left me feeling empowered, confident and inspired.

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