Don’t ask me to swallow my feelings

like stones to sit

undigested heaviness

in my guts

Grant me space to speak

Hear me, honour me

so we both have oxygen 


Do not ask me to

just get on with it

To concrete over flowers

from an inner garden

I have taken years

to unlock

Celebrate all that I am 

as I celebrate you

Feel with me to the roots of a tree,

Through rigid coats of fear,

Between fast words to an indisputable truth

My heart is calling 

it is safe

It is safe


Your big white horse

put down your weapons

And rest and cry and breathe

Allow my slowing down

To rub off on you

And let us sketch with eyes

Earth lungs against a peach and purple sky

Let us value a new value system

consciously embodied

scintillating new world