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About us
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About us
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We thought theatre was our final destination. It turned out to be the port from which we set sail. As professional storytellers we understood the power of body, breath and mind. We understood how, when we consciously used them, we could change the way we felt and the energy of a space.

We shared this on stage. We shared this in classrooms. We shared this in board rooms.

We wrote, produced and toured plays, part funding ourselves through our workshops in businesses.

The deeper we dived into working with the human body and mind the more we realised the transformative potential within each and every one of us.
Skills we used to create art, also held capacity to heal and empower.

Our offering crystalised into running experiential workshops, retreats and one on one sessions. 

We hold a space for you to unlearn and re-member who you truly are, so you can consciously create the story of your life

Marta Isabella Rizi

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Marta left Italy to study an MA in French Literature at Oxford University and later train at East15 Drama School. She has studied with international teachers in the fields of yoga, aura soma, bodyworks and the performing arts.

She has been practising different styles of yoga for over fifteen years and in 2018 completed her teacher training in Akhanda Hatha Yoga (200hr Yoga Alliance) in India, with the  Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishviketu (Phd).

Given the manifold spectrum of her passions and offerings, her life is very much an act of integration – a living ‘yoga’ (union) – between different countries, languages and dimensions of existence.

Leandra Ashton

Leandra read Modern and Medieval Languages at Newnham College, Cambridge before earning a scholarship to train on the three year acting degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). She founded Flying Cloud Theatre in 2009.

As an actress she has taken various lead roles for the BBC, ITV and major theatres across the UK and abroad.

Using body, breath, voice and imagination as a performer led her to build a body of work that explores the stories we unconsciously tell ourselves and the world. 

She regularly delivers these workshops to a broad cross section of businesses, organisations, universities and community groups. 


  For over a decade we have been navigating Flying Cloud towards new horizons. Each stage of the journey has created wakes and currents, challenging us and inviting us to grow. It is from these first-hand experiences that we share our work.

“I’m leaving feeling like a ‘new me’…  like an ‘old me’ I‘d forgotten…but better”